Viewpoint Ladehammeren

Last weekend I was at Ladehammeren, which is one of Trondheims open air areas for the public 71 meters above sea level. If you visit Trondheim you should definitely stop by. It offers a great view of the city and its fjord, and also an amazing sculpture by the German sculptor Rolf Schaffner.

27767635655_1562e879ed_oView of Trondheim and Trondheimsfjorden from Ladehammeren.

27667063792_3625bfe697_oEquilibrio Nord, by Rolf Schaffner. 


Capture the Blue

It was art by accident on my part when I was out on a Sunday stroll and came across the opening of a sculpture park right by Nidarosdomen.

The artist is Torhild Storvik Malmedal, and the sculpture park is called “Capture the Blue.” It features ten monumental sculptures in marble and glass and was launched in a showing that included music and dance that interpreted the sculptures.

Barcelona: City Life, Architecture and Art

Visited Barcelona in July 2015 and had a great experience. These are some of the motives and moments that caught my eye.

Full Flickr-album here: Barcelona City Life, Architecture and Art