Oppdal panorama

View from the top of Sletvoldbakken, Oppdal.


A little gem named Linesøya

On the first weekend of August I attended a wedding at Linesøya and fell in love with the beautiful surroundings. Its neighboring island Stokkøya has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years and you should definitely check that out as well, with its great cuisine (fantastic mussels!) and ocean view.

The two islands are connected by a bridge and my advice is that you take the trip out to Linesøya as well if you are in the vicinity. From Trondheim you travel by ferry to Fosen and drive for about two hours when you have crossed over.


The view from Nesset at Linesøya where we had a tub party and a swim the day before the wedding.


The rainbow made an appearance over the fjord.

DSC02656.jpg The view towards the bridge connecting the two islands from Bygdeboksen at Stokkøya.


The cuisine at Stokkøya is great. This is “urfe” – the most tender meat I’ve tasted since I tried kobe beef. The catering at the banquet facilities Bygdeboksen is done by the same people who run Strandbaren.

DSC02659 (1)

The exterior of Bygdeboksen.

Hiking to Helleknappen and Brurasåta

One of Fusa’s most distinct viewpoints is Helleknappen, approximately 700 meters above sea level. Along side it is Brurasåta, a top with an even better view of Hardangerfjorden and the Southern parts of Hordaland – Sunnhordland.

We started the hike from Svartavatnet (60°09’24.9″N 5°46’10.8″E) and from there we spent five hours including breaks. We made our way down from Brurasåta via Geitafjellet.

This hike is well worth your while if you enjoy a great view. Here are some of the pictures I took underway.

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Boat trip on the coast at Frøya

If you ever visit Frøya I strongly recommend that you consider a boat trip on the coast and visit the smaller islands in the area.

I had the chance to go on a trip with a rib and was amazed by the scenery. A calm sea and a beautiful sunset, the traditional seafood course bacalao at a pub at Bogøya and the Northern Lights accompanied us on the way back. An extraordinary evening.

The last four pictures in the gallery are of and from Frøya kultur- og kompetansesenter, a new building that houses both the local cinema and the high school.

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A weekend in Stockholm

Had the chance to visit the great city of Stockholm in June of 2015. Strolled around in Gamla Stan (Old Town) and visited Skansen Friluftsmuseum (Open Air Museum). Some beautiful sights! Here is a clickable gallery from my weekend in the Swedish capitol.