Pstereo Festival 2016

The Pstereo Festival celebrated their 10th anniversary on August 18-20 2016. As usual one stops to relish the beautiful surroundings of the festival area, and also get to see great music acts. Sigur Rós, Highasakite, Veronica Maggio, Deafhaven, Beach Slang, Snøskred, Bendik and Dumdum Boys were among the highlights.

These were moments I chose to memorize from this year’s festival – shot with my compact camera. Click on the images if you want to enlarge them.


Sunset seen from Hell (yes, really!)

Tonight, I traveled by train towards Trondheim. As we were rolling out from the train station called Hell (that word has a completely different meaning in Norwegian), I saw that the sunset was particularly beautiful on this summer evening. Here are some mobile pictures caught through the window of the train on our way through Trøndelag.

Click on the images if you want to enlarge them.

Panorama of Pstereo Festival

It’s time for the annual Pstereo Festival in Trondheim, this year with Sigur Rós, Veronica Maggio, Highasakite and Dumdum Boys as headliners. Here’s a post on last years favourites. 

Among the reasons why you should check out this festival is its beautiful surroundings. Located at Marinen, between Nidarosdomen and Nidelven, you have an amazing view of Trondheim.

I tried to catch a couple of panorama views yesterday.



A little gem named Linesøya

On the first weekend of August I attended a wedding at Linesøya and fell in love with the beautiful surroundings. Its neighboring island Stokkøya has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years and you should definitely check that out as well, with its great cuisine (fantastic mussels!) and ocean view.

The two islands are connected by a bridge and my advice is that you take the trip out to Linesøya as well if you are in the vicinity. From Trondheim you travel by ferry to Fosen and drive for about two hours when you have crossed over.


The view from Nesset at Linesøya where we had a tub party and a swim the day before the wedding.


The rainbow made an appearance over the fjord.

DSC02656.jpg The view towards the bridge connecting the two islands from Bygdeboksen at Stokkøya.


The cuisine at Stokkøya is great. This is “urfe” – the most tender meat I’ve tasted since I tried kobe beef. The catering at the banquet facilities Bygdeboksen is done by the same people who run Strandbaren.

DSC02659 (1)

The exterior of Bygdeboksen.