The blue answer to the green question

Did you know that every second breath you take retrieves oxygen from the ocean? I’m at NTNU Ocean Week in Trondheim this week, learning how the world will be supplied with food, minerals and environment friendly energy and transport at a time when our supplies soon don’t match neither consumption nor population growth.


A panel discussion with Stig Omholt (NTNU), Arne Fredheim (SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture), Ida Aursand (Biomar) and Bård Skjeldstad (Salmar) on fish welfare in the aquaculture of the future. Me as moderator to the right.  PHOTO: NTNU Oceans

Fortunately, both ethics and sustainability is viewed as a prerequisite that needs to be a basis for how to produce more from the sea and under the seabed. We have a completely different knowledge now about how fragile ecosystems are than when the oil and gas adventure started. There is a strong determination among the delegates that we need to avoid fatal acts towards the environment.

It’s exciting to spend time with these pioneers, who work as hard as they can on solving some of society’s biggest challenges. At a time when it is easier to be gloomy than anything else about the future, it is perhaps reassuring for you to know that optimism is very high in these circles, both academic and in the industry.

Soon, we may receive news from the Norwegian government that can give an additional boost to the plans of building the Ocean Space Center in Trondheim. That will put the tools in place to further strengthen NTNU’s and Norway’s position and potential as a solution provider for the international community.

Because, if we give these folks the working conditions they need, we have shortened the road to a sustainable society.


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