Farm Life by the Fjords

On my father’s side, my family originates from a farm that is situated by Bjørnefjorden, a neighboring fjord to the famous Hardangerfjorden. The surroundings are very beautiful, and since I’m longing for summer I thought I would share some pictures I took there last summer.

These pictures are taken with a Sony RX100M3. Maybe I’ll bring a SLR camera this summer so that I can get a clear and focused image of the deer which use our farm for grazing.

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Easter mood

It might seem like an obsession, the Norwegian way of celebrating Easter. Seemingly, we all head to the mountains for skiing while eating a ton of oranges. But some of us prefer to remain a city slicker. The slow and comfortable mood of an almost empty town is a nice break from everyday life too.

I took a stroll around Trondheim on Easter Sunday, an official flag day in Norway. These were some of the moments that passed me by.

NTNU Doctoral Awards Ceremony

Each year between 350 and 400 PhD candidates are awarded a doctorate from NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology. These pictures are from before and during the Doctoral Award Ceremony on Friday March 11 2016. This ceremony is held twice every year to honor those who achieve the highest level of education we provide.

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