Two great concerts

On Friday November 2015 NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology hosted the NTNU Awards, where employees are awarded for great achievements in seven different categories.

After the show we had a great evening with two brilliant concerts by Stina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble and then Bigbang.

stina-stjern-with-ntnu-jazzensemble-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23259864092_oStina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble performed with their own re-arrangements of material from Motorpsycho from the legendary albums Demon Box and Blissard. The Trondheim band originally performed as a trio and featured one extra on keys in their live shows.

Stina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble adds a horn section, two persons on keys and four vocalists and thereby creates an amazing energy.

bigbang-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23375777235_oBigbang got their breakthrough with the hit single “Girl in Oslo” in 2000 and has been one of Norway’s leading rock acts ever since. At NTNU Awards they performed a lot of their hit songs, including “(Welcome) To the Mountains, Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee, Oslo Bowl and more, and the crowd loved it.

very-funky-drummer-bigbang-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23342127596_oOne of the most funky drummers around, Olaf Olsen of Bigbang.


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