Capture the Blue

It was art by accident on my part when I was out on a Sunday stroll and came across the opening of a sculpture park right by Nidarosdomen.

The artist is Torhild Storvik Malmedal, and the sculpture park is called “Capture the Blue.” It features ten monumental sculptures in marble and glass and was launched in a showing that included music and dance that interpreted the sculptures.


Two great concerts

On Friday November 2015 NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology hosted the NTNU Awards, where employees are awarded for great achievements in seven different categories.

After the show we had a great evening with two brilliant concerts by Stina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble and then Bigbang.

stina-stjern-with-ntnu-jazzensemble-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23259864092_oStina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble performed with their own re-arrangements of material from Motorpsycho from the legendary albums Demon Box and Blissard. The Trondheim band originally performed as a trio and featured one extra on keys in their live shows.

Stina Stjern with NTNU Jazz Ensemble adds a horn section, two persons on keys and four vocalists and thereby creates an amazing energy.

bigbang-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23375777235_oBigbang got their breakthrough with the hit single “Girl in Oslo” in 2000 and has been one of Norway’s leading rock acts ever since. At NTNU Awards they performed a lot of their hit songs, including “(Welcome) To the Mountains, Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee, Oslo Bowl and more, and the crowd loved it.

very-funky-drummer-bigbang-at-ntnu-awards-2015_23342127596_oOne of the most funky drummers around, Olaf Olsen of Bigbang.